Louis Walsh on Heart Breakfast

Another busy one on Heart Breakfast... including Louis Walsh and Lorna discovered something strange about Joel!

Already this week, we’ve spoken to some of your new Heart family (Emma Bunton and Mark Wright!)

This morning, Louis Walsh called us from Dublin with some news about his brand new boyband... plus he was chatting all about The X Factor.

But… who does he want to be the final judge for the new series of the show?

Also this morning, Lorna exposed Joel on air for still having picture of his ex-girlfriend up in his apartment!

They’ve been separated for 3 and a half years... or as Joel puts it ‘3 years, 2 months and 1 day!'. You were having your say on this:

Nikki in Bolton: Obsessively weird!

Lisa in Blackburn: Maybe Joel looks really good in the pictures... that's why he has kept them!

Mike The Roofer: Whaaaaaaat! Joel.... seriously get them down! Lorna is right as normal, you’re just being weird!

Back tomorrow… we’ve got more details on how you can win LIFE CHANGING cash with Who’s On Heart! And… we’ll get Toby Anstis in the studio for a chat too!

Make sure you’re listening when you wake up!

Joel & Lorna x