Mark Wright's Northern Test

Mark Wright had to face Joel and Lorna's Northern Test on Heart Breakfast... but how did he do?

Day two of Heart Breakfast... and Mark Wright was on the show!

We know his wife-to-be Michelle Keegan is from the North West... but how well did he do with our Northern Test? Listen to what happened:

Also this morning, you were brilliant with your 'Stanger Names' - we got chatting about the funny names you give to strangers!

Lorna always drives past Lamppost Man in Macclesfield - and Joel lives next door to Weird Beard! Here's some of yours:

Lisa from Swinton: We call one of our neighbours Meerkat... due to her being very small, slim, grey and nosey! 

Anna from Rawtenstall: In Rossendale, we have a man who owns a red Ferrari so we call him Mr Ferrari Man. Me and the kids wave and beep at him when we see him... it's a game now who can spot him first! We saw him at a petrol station once - the kids wanted me to stop and get his autograph but we chickened out! 

Becky from Sandbach: We used to go to the south of France every year to the same place with my 4 daughters. There was an elderly gentleman who was always very brown and wrinkled. He wore the TINIEST brown leather pair of thong swimming trunks you could ever imagine! It was shocking... so we called him 'Thong Man'. Even now 15 years on I ask my daughters if they remember 'Thong Man' - they all do and fall about laughing!

Tomorrow, Louis Walsh will be giving us a call! Make sure you're listening to Heart Breakfast from 6!

Joel & Lorna x