Michelle Keegan On Heart Breakfast

Joel and Lorna caught up with Michelle Keegan about her Coronation Street exit... and we asked her about being in the doghouse!

On Thursday's show, Joel and Lorna spoke to Coronation Street's Michelle Keegan.

We’re gutted! She’s leaving the North West for Essex with Mark Wright... and leaving the Corrie cobbles.

Tina’s time in Weatherfield comes to an end next week… SOMEONE pushes her from the balcony at the top of the builder’s yard! But who?!

When Mark Wright was on Heart Breakfast a few weeks ago, we got him to do a Michelle Keegan impression... but could she work out what he'd said?

We also got chatting about the stuff you HATED as a kid... but now LOVE as an adult:

Nathalia: Olives! I used to think they were evil grape impersonators, now I think they're quite nice actually! (but still they shouldn't look so much like grapes, it's misleading and potentially traumatic!)

Jayne: I hated PE at school... now I go to the gym 6 days a week and absolutely love it!

Bernice: Board games... after 42 years I have eventually learnt the art of cheating (just like my Dad!)

Back tomorrow morning with your next opportunity to win £100,000... and it could be you in our 'Keys To The Car' final with Arnold Clark!

Joel & Lorna x