Ridiculous Things You've Paid For

Lorna almost got charged for something on Saturday night... you won't believe what it was!

Her and a group of friends were on a hen do... and paid to go inside a venue for a few drinks!

The problem was they wouldn't let them order unless they agreed to pay a ridiculous extra charge.

Take a listen to what happened... and some of your stories about the RIDICULOUS things you've been made to pay for:

Harry: I wanted some hot water in milk... a cafe charged me 90p for some hot water! Ridiculous!

Becky: I got charged £1 to use air at a garage... it was about 4 years ago now but still raging!

Emma: A few years back I went to a club... I was asked if I was likely to use the toilets as that was extra! We turned round and walked out!

Jackie: An airline wanted to charge me for my suitcase... and then another £15 to put it on the plane!

Back tomorrow morning from 6... you could be jetting off to the sunshine with Monarch Airlines!

Joel & Lorna x