Presents For The Teacher?

The summer holidays are just around the corner... but are you having that same 'end of term nightmare' as every other parent across the North West?

We're talking about buying presents for your kids' teachers! What are the rules? How much should you spend? Which presents are the best and worst?

Joel and Lorna asked you... and you came up with some brilliant tips and advice:

Lisa: I get my son's teacher a card and box of chocolates every year... it's never the same teacher so I can get away with it!

Kate: I've bought them a plant each (though they don't finish until next Tuesday!). I think it's really important to make just a little gesture to say thanks for all their effort with my children over the academic year.

Messages from parents are far more precious than any present... I treasure all letters I have got over the last 22 years of teaching.

Lauren: I'm a student teacher and I love those hand made gifts where the kids have really made an effort! Don't get me wrong though... you can't go wrong with wine and chocolate!

Back tomorrow morning from 6... let's get you £100,000! Lines open for Who's On Heart at 9!

Joel & Lorna x