Safe Swear Words

You know what it's like... you need 'safe swear words' to use around the kids! You had some brilliant suggestions!

Babies can understand THREE times as many words as they can say… so NO SWEARING!

Not only do babies pick up language from their parents… they can also 'parrot' swear words back at you weeks later!

We got chatting about 'safe swear words' - the ones you can use around the kids! These were brilliant! Take a listen:

Mel: Back the truck up! Shut the front door! Sugarplums and fat fairies! 

Paul: We always use oh for four skates!

Rachel: A long time ago my cousin was having trouble with her 4 year old son saying swear words he was picking up. She made up a swear word and told him the best word to say was Tesco. Every time he said it, everyone would act like he had really sworn!

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Joel & Lorna x