Scared For Life... Because of a Film

Has a film made you completely scared of something... and what smell reminds you of your childhood? Here's what happened on Tuesday's Heart Breakfast!

On Tuesday’s show, we got talking about the films that have made you completely scared of things!

It’s after a girl in the papers admitted she’s completely scared of wardrobes after watching The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

Here are some of your calls… including a brilliant one from Jac in Woodley:

David: A Nightmare On Elm Street made me scared of sleeping, genuinely!

Colette: Copycat! Every time I go to a public toilet I check the next one is empty… if it isn’t I watch the top of the stall.

Rachel: Can't watch The Little Mermaid... had a dream that Ursula took my voice! I was only about 4 and I've never watched it since!

Also… sun cream, bubblegum and fish and chips are just some of the scents that bring back childhood memories!

We were chatting about the smells that remind you of being a kid on the show:

Ste and Lisa from Rochdale: The smell of limeade and cherryade from the glass bottles… in your plastic cups with the swirly straws! Love that smell!

George in Clitheroe: Standing on railway bridges with the smell of the steam trains as they go past.

Ange in Wigan: Definitely the smell of Creosote… and like Lorna I remember the smell of burning rubber so you’re not making it up!

Tomorrow, Joel’s got a surprise lined up for Lorna… he says it’s going to make her cry! Hear why after 8am!

Joel & Lorna x