Stupid Injuries

Poor Robbie Williams... he was trying to high five a fan and ended up falling off the stage on his Swings Both Ways Tour!

The girl ended up with a broken arm... but she's now the envy of THOUSANDS after having Robbie on top of her!

It got Joel and Lorna talking about the stupid ways you'd managed to injure yourself... you had so many BRILLIANT stories on this:

Becky: I tried to carry everything down the stairs at once... but missed the first step! I made a hole in the wall, burnt my face with coffee and then ended up starfished at the bottom of the stairs with clothes from the washing basket all over me.

School Teacher: I foolishly agreed when my year 6 class asked me to show them how to 'Double Dutch' with the skipping ropes. Next thing my ankle popped and an ambulance was called in front of the whole school... SO embarrassing.

Susan: My friend and I decided we would start walking to keep fit... so we went up to Rivington! That was till I slipped on sheep poo and was covered in it. I went to hosp to discover I'd fractured my spine - nearly 3 years on I'm still after that sheep.

Back Monday morning... we want to treat you like a VIP with Cartmel Racecourse! Make sure you're listening from 6!

Joel & Lorna x