Supermarket Romance

On Friday's show, Joel and Lorna got chatting about supermarket romances... and parking tickets! Catch up on the show below!

Never mind bagging a bargain... supermarkets are the new place to pick up a date!

1 in 8 of us have admitted to exchanging numbers with people whilst pushing our trolley round... and 6:38pm is the best time if you're looking for love.

Joel and Lorna weren't sure whether this ACTUALLY happened... so they asked the North West:

Julie: My friend met her fella in the supermarket. She nipped to Tesco one Sunday morning... no make up on with slippers and joggers! She met him and they've been married a few years now!

Claire: I met my husband at an supermarket... we've been married 10 years yesterday.

Michelle: Just the other day a nice chap asked me if I'd like him to take my trolley back! As he was taking it, he said 'Is your number in there?' - he obviously hadn't noticed my husband round the other side of the car.... made my day!

Also - Lorna got a parking ticket because Joel didn't put enough money in the meter! We needed you to settle the argument about WHOSE fault it is... and who should pay the fine:

Sharon: Both at fault… 50/50 I say! All’s fair in love and war!

Ann: Joel should step up and be a gentleman… poor Lorna!

Leanne: Exactly the same thing happened to me… my sister paid for parking (but not enough!). In the end we paid the fine half each! Learnt me a lesson, now I always look when someone offers to pay!

Back Monday morning at 6... have an amazing weekend! Enjoy the sunshine!

Joel & Lorna x