Things Kids Will NEVER Do Nowadays

What did you do when you were younger that kids nowadays will NEVER do? Some brilliant suggestions on Monday's Heart Breakfast!

Hope you had a brilliant weekend... how amazing was the weather?!

Thanks if you came to see Prince with us at the Phones4U Arena on Saturday night... and well done if you were running Race For Life at Delamere Forest or the Manchester 10K!

On Monday’s show, we were chatting about Brooklyn Beckham! His mum and dad are worth £210 million... but he’s got a part-time job in a café earning £2.68 an hour!

It got us thinking about the things we did when we were younger... that kids will never do nowadays!

Things like making mixtapes... and having to get up to turn the TV over:

Helen: Trying to record the top 40 on a Sunday night and not getting the presenters talking by pressing the buttons on the cassette player!

Rachel: Sitting on the stairs while you’re on the phone... because the wire wouldn’t stretch any further!

Maria: Using a payphone or having to do ‘reverse charges’ so you could afford the call!

Gill: Putting a tennis ball in pair of tights and throwing it against the wall!

Lulu from Runcorn also gave us a call! She heard on Heart Breakfast that SUPERMARKETS are a good place to find love... so she put it to the test! Listen what happened:

Back tomorrow from 6... including your next chance to play ‘Minute To Win It’. Katie in Southport scored 27 on Monday morning!

Joel & Lorna x