The final day is almost upon us!


Clare Hughes from Wrexham got herself Chester Rocks Golden Circle tickets for the Big Reunion night of Chester Rocks along with spending money & accommodation!

There were a few last minute panics for Spence’s Northwest & Wales Wedding party he is throwing for Angela. But thanks to some of our wonderful listeners we have found a substitute wedding dress & even some flowers! Phew!


So the big day is almost upon us … Angela’s last day before she leaves Heart to marry & move in with her Dean! Before that tho’ we still have Friday’s show building up to her Wedding party and there promises to be lot of surprises still up Spence’s sleeves!

There’s the last set of  Chester Rocks Golden Circle tickets to be won [4 per day/any night of your choosing] which include Spending Money & accommodation!

AND it’s back also for the LAST time … Beat The Toaster after 8:30am!