World Cup Widows

There are LOADS of World Cup Widows across the North West... men are ditching their other halves to watch the football!

One of our World Cup Widows is Becci from Preston... her other half Dave has ditched their 'Thursday Date Night' for the England v Uruguay game!

Lorna felt sorry for poor Becci, so she had an idea... that involved Joel! Take a listen:

Here's what you thought of Lorna RUINING Joel's World Cup plans:

Johno: If Joel does this, it's only fair you do a night of Joel's choice!

Mark: Joel, you're being totally punished for being a guy... well done for taking one for the team though!

Carla: For Joel to be the perfect boyfriend he needs to find a girlfriend who likes the same stuff! Can't believe you're being so mean... Joel just use your phone instead!

Watch what happened when Joel went round to Becci's for a girly night:

Joel & Lorna x