I've Never...

Anne from Bolton got in touch and told me she'd never been on Facebook. This got me thinking, what have I never done?

I've actually never seen Star Wars. To the amazement of my friends. 

So I asked you to share your 'I've Never' stories, and it's incredible what some of you revealed.

Here's what Mary, Clark and Gemma had to say...

LISA:  I've never had a birthday party or been to London!

MICHELLE: I have never been to the trafford centre ... Doesn't even interest me.

NICOLA: I've never been ice skating.

LAURA: I never been on a roller coaster. Im terrified by them. 

JENN: Never had a kebab! And won't ever either.

CATHY: Never been the top of Blackpool Tower. Too scared.

MARIE: Never drank coffee, can't stand the smell!

GARY: Never eaten yellow snow.

SARAHNever learned to ride a bicycle!

HELENA: Ive never been to venus even though I'm supposed to be from there! Lol.