Strange Phobias

Spiders, snakes and heights are quite common phobias, but what about the weird and crazy things people are afraid of...

David Beckham is scared of frogs and even I have a strange phobia. 

I'm terrified of moths and butterflies... all that flapping about really freaks me out.

But what about you? 

I asked you to call "Russ' Psychiatrist Line" with your unusual phobias and you didn't disappoint.

Becky - People in costumes for example mickey mouse.

AnnmarieEscalators but only the ones that go down, and metal fire escape stairs.

DebbieA friend of mine from work is scared of baked beans. Ha ha

JudithBelly buttons. Ooohhhh squeamish urgh.

WendyI know this is weird but it sweetcorn. The stuff really makes me cringe. It don't even flush!!!!!

KatherineIncredible Hulk - back in the tv days

Jess - Toilet cisterns!! And canal locks *shudders*

EmmaElectricity pylons, ever since I was a kid, send me into a panic when ever Im near one.

Hannah - I'm petrified of ketchup! The smell, the taste, the texture, everything about it scares me, if I get any on my clothes or skin I feel like crying!

Etta - I have a phobia of wire wool. Just seeing it has been known to make me sick. On the upside my Hubby has to clear the kitchen! 

VeronicaI have a phobia of empty swimming pools, empty of water, all those tiles and that big slope into deep end, yack I'm cringing now!!


Russ x