13 Arrests at Oxford United Game

5 March 2012, 07:26 | Updated: 5 March 2012, 08:07

Police in Oxford have made 13 arrests after trouble flared before, during and after Saturday's game against Swindon.

Thames Valley Police arrested 13 people following the League Two match between Oxford United and Swindon at the Kassam Stadium.

Eight of the 13 arrested have now been bailed, with the remaining five released without charge.

A policing operation, which involved the mounted section, dog units and the Thames Valley Police helicopter, was undertaken prior to, during and following the match.

Before the match, a door was forced open on a bus carrying Swindon supporters just outside the Kassam Stadium, causing the driver to stop.

Some Oxford supporters tried to reach the vehicle, resulting in the supporters on board causing damage to the bus and throwing debris from the vehicle. Officers managed to restore order and prevent any further escalation.

During the game a small number of people threw chairs into areas containing rival fans and officers in protective clothing were required to support stewards as some people tried to breach the segregated areas, designed to keep opposing fans separated. The officers’ presence again managed to prevent this from happening and order was quickly restored.

Following the match, one of the buses carrying Swindon supporters from the stadium was stopped by police on the B480 at just after 2.30pm, due to damage being caused to the bus and debris being thrown out of the vehicle towards other road users, resulting in several arrests being made.

Ch Insp Olly Wright, who led the policing operation, told Heart: "As expected, the majority of people attending the match were law-abiding and genuine fans intent on upholding the true spirit of the occasion.

Sadly, there were was a small minority of people who let themselves and their team down by engaging in violent or disruptive behaviour, resulting in 13 arrests."

CI Wright added: "Our policing operation managed to prevent any disorder in the wider city despite the attempts made by this small minority who were clearly intent on causing trouble, and officers were successful in keeping rival troublemakers apart.

All of the arrests were for criminal damage or public order offences and detectives are now carrying out a full and thorough inquiry into criminal incidents with the aim of bring those responsible to justice. In addition we will be actively seeking football banning orders wherever necessary."