Arrests at protest

1 May 2010, 08:50 | Updated: 2 May 2010, 10:28

Police say 12 people were arrested in Aylesbury during protests by more than 800 anti-Islamic and anti-fascist campaigners.

The English Defence League - who are opposed to Islamic extremism - staged a demonstration in the town centre on Saturday 1 May 2010.  A smaller number from the group Unite Against Fascism staged a rival demonstration at the same time.

Superintendent Richard List from Thames Valley Police said: "On the whole we experienced few problems but are disappointed that there was some public disorder towards the end. However, we were able to deploy resources to quickly deal with the situation and prevent it from escalating.

"Thames Valley Police wants to make clear it was the EDL whose actions were disorderly, and we were required to establish control of this group before allowing them to leave Market Square to disperse. We are unaware of any police officers or EDL supporters who have been injured as a result of this.

“It's been a difficult day for the town but I would like to thank the local community and our partners who have worked with us to make sure that the protest has passed off without major incident. Fortunately, community relations in the town are good and we will be continuing our partnership work to make sure that they stay that way."

Aylesbury's Friars Square shopping centre was closed at 12.00pm on Saturday 1 May 2010 to ensure the safety of shoppers and the people who work in the mall.  It reopened as normal on Sunday morning at 10.30am, with free parking, to try and tempt shoppers back following the afternoon of lost trade.

Watch a video of the protest