CAB prepare for ash enquiries

27 April 2010, 07:25 | Updated: 27 April 2010, 08:33

Oxfordshire's Citizens' Advice Bureaux say they're getting ready for an expected surge in enquiries from people affected by the ash cloud disruption.

Travel organisation ABTA say 35,000 British people are still stuck abroad, nearly two weeks after all flights in and out of UK airports were grounded.

The decision was taken for safety reasons, because of fears ash from a volcano in Iceland could damage planes' engines and make them stop working.

Citizens' Advice Bureaux in Oxfordshire have been given guidance on what to tell people who come in with employment and travel queries, especially people who have been unable to get to work as a result of being stranded abroad.

Matt Fisher from Oxford's CAB has been telling Heart people in that situation are unlikely to get paid: "Employees are responsible for getting to work so if they don't, there's no right to pay unless it's been agreed.  Having said that, employers would be encouraged to take a flexible approach."

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