Cameron pays tribute to his 'amazing dad'

Prime Minister David Cameron's paid tribute to his dad, who lived in the Thames Valley and has died on holiday, aged 77.

Ian Cameron lived with his wife Mary in the village of Peasemore near Newbury, Berkshire.  He suffered a stroke while staying in the south of France, and died on Wednesday 8 September 2010.

Mr Cameron - who is MP for Witney, Oxfordshire - been given the use of a French presidential holiday home while he mourns his father.  French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, has told him he and his family can use it as long as they like.

The statement released by Mr Cameron reads as follows:

"Our dad was an amazing man - a real life enhancer. He never let the disability he was born with or the complications in later life get in the way of his incredible sense of fun and enjoyment. He touched a lot of lives in lots of different ways and was a brilliant husband and father.  You could never be down for long when he was around. We will miss him terribly but have a bank of memories that can never be exhausted.

"This was unexpected and sudden, but he was having a wonderful holiday and was with great friends. Above all he was with mum, to whom he was devoted, and he was happy - and the end came quickly. We will treasure all the joy he brought us." 

The Prime Minister added:  "I am extremely grateful to President Sarkozy who helped me get to the hospital while dad was still with us so I could say goodbye. We would like to thank Nicolas and everyone at the hospital who worked so hard to look after dad."

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