Denchworth Thatch Fire Investigation

18 March 2012, 06:00

After dozens of fire fighters tackled a fire which destroyed a thatched building a week ago, Heart's been told they're still looking into how it started.

Ten crews were called out to deal with the flames at the single storey building in Denchworth near Wantage at 02:56 on Sunday 11th March.

Dozens of firefighters were faced with a single storey property used as an office fully alight.

They had to cut down nearby trees to stop it spreading.
Group Manager Heycock, incident commander said:

"Our crews have worked really hard to protect surrounding properties whilst fighting the main fire. The fire was so intense, that at times it was impossible to walk down the road past the fire due to the radiant heat. The spread of the fire was so quick that we were unable to prevent the loss of the building. Our protection of other buildings included the felling of trees as the fire jumped into surrounding trees and bushes. The closest telegraph poles were also affected and we also had to deal with the danger of live electrical supplies."

A spokesman told Heart until the investigation into the fire has finished they will be unable to say whether it could have been started on purpose.

Denchworth Thatch Fire 2
Photos thanks to Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service.