Didcot crossing petition

10 February 2010, 05:55 | Updated: 10 February 2010, 08:38

A group of teenagers have started a petition to get traffic lights put up near Didcot Girls School, after a student was knocked over at a zebra crossing.

They weren't seriously hurt, but a group of year ten students from the school are now trying to get a pelican crossing installed on Wantage Road instead.

Izi Mead, 15, Holly Nolan, 15, and Amy Cook, 14, have also designed posters to encourage people to sign their petition, which they eventually hope to take to Oxfordshire County Council.  They've also composed a song to encourage drivers to slow down.

Izi has been telling Heart using the current zebra crossing is very difficult: "We've tried it a couple of times and no cars really stopped for us until a bus came, and we were with a couple of police officers."

Amy said: "If people see red lights and traffic lights, they'd stop.  But when they see zebra crossings they just tend to ignore them."

Listen to the song the girls have composed

Izi, Holly and Amy