Drink Drivers Targetted

1 June 2010, 07:29 | Updated: 1 June 2010, 07:40

Oxfordshire's police are worried more people are going to risk drink-driving over the next month, because of the World Cup.

The Thames Valley force are starting their month long summer breath-test campaign.

This year they're focusing on young male drivers who they say are consistently over-represented in drink drive figures. This is a main concern during this year's World Cup, which will see more people drinking in pubs than usual when games are on. Police say men aged between 17 and 29 believe one or two pints is perfectly acceptable before getting behind the wheel.

Inspector Colin Clark from Thames Valley Police is leading this year's campaign:

"We appreciate people are out there enjoying themselves and drinking but what we're saying is, at the end of the evening when your going home or onto a club then think twice about getting into a car and then driving."

But they won't only be focusing on testing drivers in the evening, police will be doing it around the clock. Talking to Heart, they say many people are still over the limit the day after drinking.

Supt Rob Povey, Head of Roads Policing for Thames Valley Police said:

"For those who have been out to enjoy a summer evening with friends, they must also think about whether the alcohol is clear from their system the day after. If they are not sure, then it is not worth taking the chance."

During last summer's campaign, 2,721 drivers were breathalysed and just under 200 drivers tested positive.