Hunt continues for Rosie's mum

A year after a newborn baby was found abandoned next to a busy Thames Valley road, there's still no sign of her mum.

The little girl was named Rosie by nurses who looked after her in High Wycombe after she was found on Tuesday 8 September 2009.  She's now being looked after in foster care, and despite extensive appeals, her birth mother still hasn't been traced.

Rosie was found wrapped inside a cardigan and placed inside a canvas bag.  She was found by a 20 year old student and her boyfriend, who had been walking next to the A40.

They were alerted to the baby by another passer-by who reached the bag seconds before them and told them: "There's a baby in there."

Holly Hughes, who found Rosie, said at the time: "She was being really quiet.  But she was kicking her legs, so I could tell she was alright."

Police released pictures in autumn 2009 of the cardigan and bag Rosie was found in, in the hope they would help trace her mum but this has not happened.

Lin Hazell from Buckinghamshire County Council said: "It seems amazing that a year has passed since Baby Rosie was born, and one year on she is a much-loved, happy, healthy little girl doing everything a child her age should be doing.  She remains in foster care, but adoption is the long-term plan for her and there is every reason for us to be optimistic about Rosie's future.

"There have been no developments in the search for her birth mother.  However, should she come forward at any time, support will be there for her."

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