Make My Bunny Chocolate

Oxfordshire's RSPCA are warning against buying Easter bunnies, because they're overflowing with rabbits at their animal sanctuaries.

The charity's Oxfordshire branch have told Heart they get a surge in unwanted rabbits after Easter from people who buy them as a present but don't think of the long term consequences.

The advice if you want an Easter bunny is to buy a chocolate one.

Rabbits can in fact live up to 10 years and need fed fresh leafy veg every day and given plenty of space for exercise.  After just a few weeks, this can become too much for some people who then deliver their Easter bunnies to the animal sanctuaries across the county.

If you are serious about getting a pet rabbit, then Maria Williams from Oxfordshire's branch of the RSPCA has this advice:

"If people do feel like they definitely want to have a rabbit and they've done some research and they think that yes its a good idea to have a rabbit, we would recommend rather than going and buying a baby rabbit from a pet shop, they go to a rescue centre locally and re-home them."

If you would like to book an appointment to visit the re-homing unit, call them directly on 01235 821536 between 11am and 4 pm.

RSCPA Rabbit Care Information