Man jailed for 'Midsomer' murder

4 May 2010, 15:58 | Updated: 4 May 2010, 18:57

A 25 year man's been jailed for killing a pensioner who went missing from a village near Buckingham used to film 'Midsomer Murders'.

Benjamin Radojevic (pictured) from Hillesden Road in Gawcott will spend at least 21 years behind bars for the murder of Sally Hingston in August 2009.  He was sentenced at Reading Crown Court on Tuesday 4 May 2010.

Radojevic was arrested after the body of 67-year-old Mrs Hingston was found in fields, hours after she was reported missing by her family.  They had grown concerned when she didn’t return from her morning walk.

A post-mortem examination found Mrs Hingston died from multiple injuries caused by being beaten with a golf club and a video recorder.

Gawcott has been used as a location for the TV crime series 'Midsomer Murders', starring John Nettles.

Detective Chief Inspector Peter Vigurs, from Thames Valley Police's Major Crime department, said:

“I am very satisfied that we have a verdict for Sally Hingston that is right and fair. The court heard graphic details of how Radojevic attacked Sally and of the injuries he inflicted on her before he left her in that field. Sally was robbed of her life suddenly and prematurely. Her family and friends are left to come to terms with the loss of someone they loved and to try to understand why she was murdered.

"Radojevic has not told the whole truth and in particular gave no explanation of his motive. Considering all the evidence, it seems clear why he is so reluctant to admit the real reason for what he did. As that is something the Crown will ask the judge to consider when sentencing, I will say no more of that. I would like to say two things to the local community, in addition to thanking them for supporting the investigation.

"Sally Hingston lived in the same village as the man who murdered her.  Gawcott and the wider Buckingham community have been shaken by this case. I want to re-assure people that, although the details of this case are harrowing and have attracted wide attention, we have to remember that attacks like this are extremely rare.

"Although Ben Radojevic has not been fully honest, there is no doubt that as an adult in his mid-twenties he alone must take full responsibility for the decisions he made and for Sally Hingston’s murder. No-one else is responsible and that includes Ben’s family. They live in the same community and are trying to come to terms with this also."


Sally Hingston

The sons of Sally Hingston, Ray and Bruce, issued the following statement:

“Sally Hingston was a wonderful and popular person to all who knew her. A loving wife, caring mother, doting grandmother and trusting friend. The loss to the family has affected us all in different ways and the loss we all feel cannot be explained in words.

"No verdict can possibly compensate for this loss however the jury’s decision goes someway to seeing that justice has been done. We would like to thank the police and the Crown Prosecution Service for the tremendous work on this case and the support they have offered the family during this difficult time.

"Finally we would ask everyone to appreciate that two families have been devastated as a result of this tragic act and while we believe the correct verdict has been passed on the perpetrator of this act we extend our thoughts to his family who cannot and should not  be held in way accountable for this event that has been past. We would now ask that both families are allowed to continue their respective grieving process in peace.”