Massive Fire in Oxfordshire

23 February 2012, 15:37

A huge fire is still burning hours after it started at a waste facility centre in Oxfordshire.

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue were called to the site around 5:30am on Wednesday 22nd February. 

When firefighters arrived at Chilton Waste Services, the flames had taken hold of 700 tonnes worth of wood, which was being prepared to send as wood chippings to fuel power stations.

The smoke could be seen from the A34, but wind conditions meant the dual-carriageway wasn't affected. 

The fire service has been receiving calls from concerned members of the public but have reassured them it's now under control.

One engine will remain at the site overnight until Friday morning and firefighters are on standby if weather conditions change.

Bob Speakman from Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue told Heart: "Our intention tonight is to put lights on top of the pile so that they can see there are blue lights here so we don't get anymore calls to it."

Despite managing to bring the fire under control and from spreading any further, it's thought to have caused thousands of pounds worth of damage.