May Day in Oxford

1 May 2010, 08:59 | Updated: 4 May 2010, 16:04

Police say they're disappointed more than 10 people jumped off Oxford's Magdalen Bridge during the city's May Day celebrations.

They launched themselves into the shallow River Cherwell after Magdalen College's Choir had sung from the top of the College Tower at 6am on Saturday 1 May 2010 to welcome in the summer.  That's despite warnings people have been paralysed doing it in the past.

Luckily on this occasion no-one was hurt through jumping.  South Central Ambulance say they only had to treat five people for injuries like trips and falls.

Magdalen Bridge was closed off during the singing to prevent people jumping, but police opened it when the barrier was breached by a significant number of people at about 6.15am.  They say it was safer to allow people through, rather than try to hold them back.

It's thought 15,000 people - more than normal - turned up to watch Oxford's May Day celebrations this year because they fell on a Saturday.  More than 30 of Oxford's pubs and clubs applied to open for longer on the night of 30 April, to cater for an increased demand from people who were planning to spend all night partying.

See footage of the jumping on May Day 2010

Footage shows (i) a choirboy waving from the top of the Tower, before the choir sing at 6am (ii) the choir singing from the Tower at 6am (iii) revellers jump from Magdalen Bridge, defying safety warnings (iv) interviews with South Central Ambulance and Thames Valley Police