Mini production stopped

1 April 2010, 08:55

Workers at Oxford's Mini Plant have been told not to come in after an item of machinery used to produce the cars was damaged.

It means production's going to be suspended on Thursday 1 & Friday 2 April 2010, and won't resume until after the planned Easter break, on Wednesday 7 April.

The damaged press tool, which is used to make Mini doors at the company's Swindon factory, is being repaired.  Production at Oxford has to stop because with no more doors being brought in from Swindon, they will eventually run out of ones to use.

Staff will still get paid for their shifts, but they will have to work them for free once production resumes, to make up for the time they're not working and still getting money.

Mini Plant Oxford say they are keeping workers informed about what's happening by a dedicated website and telephone lines.  They say they are "grateful for associates' flexibility at this time."

Work at the Swindon Plant is able to continue as normal.

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