Oxon Parking Fee Cuts to Boost Sales

1 April 2012, 06:00

Season tickets for South Oxfordshire District Council car parks will be half price from Sunday 1 April for those working in the district.

The initiative applies to almost all car parks in Didcot, Goring, Henley, Thame and Wallingford and means drivers who regularly park in the district could save hundreds of pounds over the coming year.

Reductions on offer include the cost of a three month season ticket at Southfields car park, Henley going down from £158 to £79; parking in Cattlemarket car park, Thame set at £201.50 for an annual season ticket rather than £403, and in Didcot short-term season tickets to park in the High Street car park could be paying as little as £7.50 per week.

Many other short, medium and long-term deals will also be available.

The introduction of half-price season tickets will reward and give a financial boost to those who make a significant contribution to the South Oxfordshire economy by working in the district.

Half price season tickets are in line with the recent “Portas Review”, which recommended that local areas should use parking schemes to help boost high street trade, in this instance half price season tickets will mean that people who need to use the car parks through working in the district may be more likely to spend some of the money that they’ve saved in local shops.

Starting on Saturday 14 April parking will also be free to everyone from either 2pm or 3pm on Saturday afternoons in all district council car parks (depending on the current charging period).