Police Warn Of Level Crossing Dangers

10 February 2012, 05:00

British Transport Police are stepping up their campaign at Shiplake Crossing near Henley.

They've been running a campaign for three months to make people more aware of the dangers of the level crossing.

Two weeks into the campaign a 58 year old man was taken to hospital after crashing into a train there.


British Transport Police's Sergeant Chris Maddox said:

"Education is key to everything we do around level crossings. By informing people of the potential dangers of misusing crossings – and how to use them safely we aim to reduce incidents at these sites."

Sgt Maddox added:

"We are working closely with Network Rail in the area to improve knowledge and, where necessary, to take action against those who continue to misuse crossings.

“Level crossings – and other crossings where road, footpaths and rail cross – are designed to keep people safe. And, when used correctly, that is exactly what they do."

Now people who misuse the crossing, by either walking or driving across when the red warning lights are flashing face a £50 on the spot fine or a day in court.