Protesters call 'chicken'

Protesters are claiming Lib Dem senior leaders pulled out of talks in Oxford because they're "too chicken" to face protestors.

Two Oxford campaign groups did a 'chicken flashmob' at the Liberal Democrat Constitiuency Offices today (Wednesday 17th November) against cuts to universities and other public services.

Around 50 protesters dressed as chickens, are claiming that both Nick Clegg and Vince Cable, the country's top two Liberal Democrats, pulled out of visits to Oxford because they do not want to face protests.

Since the Coalition government announced cuts to public spending there have been two appointments for senior Liberal Democrats to come to Oxford. Both have faced large protests. Vince Cable postponed his visit to Oxford University where over a thousand students held a protest on the 28 October.

Nick Clegg has also cancelled his appointment to speak at Oxford Student Union Debating Society on 17 November, stating 'diary issues'. Students had planned a large protest against his U-turn on support for tuition fees and cuts. He has apologised to local Liberal Democrat supporters in a letter, and promises to return.

Nick Clegg's office issued the following statement:

"An unfortunate clash of diary commitments has led the Deputy Prime Minister reluctantly to cancel his proposed visit to oxford University.  He is always very keen to engage with students and young people, however, and last Wednesday (3rd November) invited students and sixth formers to his office in London to discuss Higher Education."