Safer running

26 April 2010, 06:00 | Updated: 26 April 2010, 09:12

Jogging groups have been set up across Oxfordshire to help women worried about going out running alone feel safe.

Organisers think running in groups offers women in particular a safer way to exercise.

The groups have been set up for people who have thought about jogging but don't want to go on their own or aren't confident enough to join a club.

Anna Capel-Davis, who's co-ordinating the jogging groups in the Vale of White Horse, told Heart they've trained 40 jog leaders and set up 20 jogging groups across the county.

Even though the groups are open to all adults over the age of 16, it's mostly women over the age of 20 who've been signing up. The times of the jogs suit both the working woman (in the evenings) and parents (during the day).

For women who haven't had the confidence to run alone, the jog leaders are trained in first aid and have a good knowledge of local running routes.

Get Oxfordshire Active is running the project alongside 'Run in England'.

Toni Bridges, Project Manager for GO Active, said: “Getting active is about having more energy, socializing, feeling good about yourself, enjoying yourself and perhaps improving fitness, health or achieving goals. It’s not all about training for marathons or competing at the top but if that’s your ultimate aim then great!”

Brian Corbett, Area Development Officer for Run in England, said: "It's a brilliant opportunity to get Run in England shirts visable in the local community. We want to get as many people running as possible and GO Active is a great partner to help us achieve this".

Everyone is welcome to join up, whatever their age, size or ability.  A fully-trained group leader will make sure that the group is well looked after.  There is also the opportunity for people with a passion for running to train as a leader and to pass that enthusiasm onto others.