Skimming Devices on Oxfordshire ATMs

7 February 2012, 05:00

Thames Valley Police are urging you to be vigilant when using cash machines after two cases of "skimming".

The was last Wednesday afternoon at the Co-operative store in Old Marston Road, Oxford. 

A sticky silver-grey strip was put across the cash dispensing slot and stopped the money from being dispensed to the user after they put in their details.

After the user walks away from the machine, the person responsible for the sticky strip removes it and takes the cash which is attached to it.

A similar incident took place later that afternoon at the ATM at the Co-operative store in Lobstock Place, Didcot .

PC Martin Whaley, of Didcot police station, said:

“I appeal to anyone who has seen people acting suspiciously near to cash machine in Oxford and Didcot to contact police as you may be able to assist with our enquiries.

“I would also like to speak to anyone who thinks they may have been a victim of this to come forward and contact us. We believe the two incidents are linked.”

PC Whaley gave Heart these top tips to prevent cash point fraud:

  • Check the machine you are using for evidence of tampering, particularly the card reader slot and PIN panel
  • Stand close to the cash machine screen and shield your keystrokes with your hand as you enter your PIN number 
  • Check no-one is spying on you over your shoulder 
  • If you suspect a cash machine is not working properly, press cancel and remove your card, then report the incident to your bank 
  • Do not remove any suspicious device you find, as they are valuable to the criminal and they may use force to retrieve them 
  • If you notice anything suspicious with a cash machine, report it to the bank or shop it is located at, or to the police 
  • Note down your debit and credit card details, so that you can cancel them quickly if they’re stolen or lost 
  • Never write down your PIN number in case thieves find it after stealing your purse or wallet