Trains to get Electrified

Millions is going to be invested into the Thames Valley's rail network to ELECTRIFY it - meaning trains will be faster and cleaner.

It'll take six years for lines from London to Didcot, Oxford and Newbury to be fully electrified.

Speaking at Oxford Rail Sation, Transport Minister Norman Baker said:

"What we're doing is giving further incentives to use rail by introduing new carriages; by having electrification of the line; and cleaning up railways in terms of carbon emmissions. We're making rail a more attractive alternative than it was before."

It comes just days after we found out off-peak fares from London to Oxford are going up by 7.5 percent in the new year.

Mr Baker told Heart fares have to go up to pay for extra routes from the Thames Valley into London and the extra carriages needed to carry passengers.

The government will be providing £14 billion of funding to Network Rail to support capital maintenance and infrastructure investment and £750 million for High Speed Rail. As part of the Thameslink programme, they'll add an extra 1,200 carriages.

It was also confirmed developments will happen at Reading.

A final decision on Great Western electrification will take place in the new year.