World Cup 'sick' could cost £1.3m

11 June 2010, 06:00 | Updated: 13 June 2010, 11:20

Business experts think the World Cup could cost Oxfordshire £1.3m through people skiving off work to watch the matches.

Sickness increased by 5% during the last tournament, four years ago.

On average, 8,500 people call in sick to work every day in Oxfordshire. During the next month, an extra 425 people are expected to call in sick each day day.

Some businesses, like Weatherhead Electrical in Adderbury, have already taken steps to ensure their workers don't have to pull a sickie when England play during a weekday afternoon on Wednesday 23 June.

Vicky Weatherhead, who runs the company, has been telling Heart: "I have given all my boys the afternoon off to go and have a few beers and support their county. We are all big football fans and ultimately it comes round once every four years and we should all be able to enjoy it."