Worldwide Visitors to Stoke Mandeville

11 February 2012, 06:00

Television crews from around the world have visited Stoke Mandeville Stadium in recent weeks.

They've been visiting the stadium in Aylesbury as they held the first wheelchair games in 1948, the same year the Olympics were in London.

Ruth Page is leading Buckinghamshire County Council's Mandeville Legace Project:

"People across the world are getting very excited about the 2012 Paralympic Games, because this is the year they're coming home.

"We've collected photographs and interviews from people who remember Dr Guttmann and the early games at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

"The Mandeville Legacy is already an incredibly valuable resource, which is being drawn on by the world's media, and this funding enables us to gather more extraordinary stories and tell a fuller story of the history of the Paralympic movement from its origins at Stoke Mandeville Hospital."

It comes as the project's been awarded £45,000 grant for an oral history project recording the memories of past Paralympics.