How d'you like them Apples?

Forget cosmetic surgery and expensive lotions and potions, learning to love yourself is the secret to youthful looks!

And in order to test this Matt & Giselle are taking part in the Big Apple Experiment and want you to join in!

The idea is simple; cut an apple in half, talk lovingly to one half, hatefully to the other and watch it decay...

It's been suggested that the energy in our voice will cause the two halves to decay differently, i.e. the one you're nasty to will rot more quickly!

The Science bit...

The experiment is the brainchild of Nikki Owen, the UK’s leading specialist on the subject of Charisma and is based on the work of Dr Masaru Emoto, who suggests that the water molecules in water crystals could be directly affected by our thoughts, words and feelings, thus determining the shape of the crystal. The experiment works due to the high water content of the apple and can be related directly to the effect of positive thoughts towards ourselves and others.

Science over.

For more info see Nikki's website here or listen to her here...

Matt & Giselle talk Apples with Nikki Owen

So, how do you take part? Below is how Matt & Giselle will be experimenting...

1. Cut 2 apples in half, creating 4 pieces
2. Seal them in jars labeled Love, Hate, Neutral & Control
3. Every day talk lovingly to the Love half, and say nasty things to the Hate half
4. The Neutral half will have the phonebook read to it, the Control will have no attention
5. Repeat daily!

We'll be conducting our experiment throughout the week starting on Monday 19th April and we'd love you to join in with some apples of your own and let us know how you get on! Send Giselle your apple pics here!

Here's how our apples look after our special way of nurturing them...

Oxford Apples