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Who's got the accolade this week...?

Simon Buckle

What do you do for a living?
Road sweeper driver

Where/when do you listen to Heart?
All day at work.

Current favourite artist?
Anything by Kylie  just because I think she is great!

Are you married, single, or have kids?
I live with my girlfriend, who is also my ex wife and 2 of her kids.

What’s the funniest/most embarrassing thing your kids have done? 
Between us we have 8 kids and four grandchildren, you do not have enough space.

Your most commented on/controversial facebook status update…
Have no idea really, most likely a rant of some sort!

Have you ever spotted a Celeb? Was it local?
A few, most recent was Ali Campbell at Bicester Village.

Do you have a culinary masterpiece you’re proud of?
Pork Chops done in a honey and mustard glaze.

Favourite thing/local place to do/visit in Oxfordshire…
Wittenham Clumps it is a lovely place with a lot of history.

A weird/interesting fact about yourself…
I hunt ghosts and have been known to strip for charity.

What’s your worst habit?


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