Christmas Eve with a difference

Monday 4 January 2010

So it was about 8pm on Christmas Eve and I popped to the new M+S in Didcot near the A34 to grab some bits and pieces as I did NOT want to risk a supermarket so close to Christmas…

So I was in the queue with my Bucks fizz and shepherds pie and I looked up and saw the back of someone’s head, it wasn’t anyone’s head it was one that I recognised in a big way but I couldn’t put my finger on who it was.

I shuffled closer with the intent on hearing his voice hoping this would solve the mystery but still no luck, he handed over a crisp note to the cashier to pay for his fuel then turned to face me, I was right, it was someone VERY famous, in fact some would say the future Prime minister.

I was in the queue, in Didcot M+S behind DAVID CAMERON!! (The funny part was that nobody behind the till knew who he was and I looked like a GEEK!)

Merry new year :oD