Bourne Torch Route

Day 47: Wednesday 4 July

The olympic flame will arrive in Bourne at 0853 having travelled from Thurlby.

It will enter Bourne via the A15 South Road, close to Southfields Business Park.

It will then continue along the A15 to South Street before making a right turn onto Abbey Road.

The torch will then continue along Spalding Road, where the Bourne relay will finish at the junction with Meadow Drove.

Next Stop: Spalding

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Meet Bourne's Torchbearers:

London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Nicholas Robinson
Age: 19
From: Sevenoaks
London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Daniel Dillon
Age: 31
From: Kent
Nomination Story: "Dan is a hard working, diligent team player and, according to his colleagues, the office is a sadder place without him. He undertakes numerous charity fundraising events and recently cycled from London to Paris, raising over £1000 and supporting Adecco's global charity cycling initiative, Win4Youth. When a colleague recently became registered disabled, Dan stepped in as his 'buddy'. On top of organising a fundraising event for him, Dan tirelessly assists him each day by getting lunch and carrying things he has difficulty with. Whenever his colleague has to miss work due to his disability, Dan is always the first to call and offer his support. Nominated by a number of people, one of his colleagues said, 'People who live their life like Dan should be commended and I can't imagine a better way than him being an Olympic Torchbearer.'"
Livii Warwood-Hart Name: Livii Warwood-Hart
Age: 12
From: Celle
Nomination Story: "Olivia has loved all forms of sport from gymnastics to hockey since she was young; but none more than middle and long distance running. When she was seven years old she told her family that one day she would compete in the Olympics. Olivia's father had always been very supportive of her, keeping her active even though they relocated often due to his army career. Very sadly, Olivia's dad died this summer from cancer, and this has made her more determined than ever to reach her goal."
Oliver Mas Name: Oliver Mas
Age: 16
From: Cambridge
Nomination Story: "He started volunteering when he was 8 years old on a local farm that was struggling to stay open. He's now 15 years of age. That's 7 years of labouring on a farm during his free time and school holidays for nothing. This has given him communication, teamwork and confidence skills. It's also earned him a lot of respect in our local community. For instance, he's taken a leading role in the local performing arts Centre. Which has raise lots of money for charity. Meaning he could help other young people achieve what they want to achieve and help them meet their goals. He really enjoyed working with young people and the difference it made to their lives. So he volunteered at a local scouting group, which enabled him to teach young people practical skills and also social and communication skills. In the future he hopes to get as many young people involved in our local community and help them build their personal characteristics and inspire them to never look back and always try their hardest. Oliver deservers to carry the Olympic flame because he always seems to be their for everyone in the community. No matter their age, race, or gender. He's always been volunteering for something and trying to improve the lives of others."
London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Richie Goodsell
Age: 53
From: Bourne
Nomination Story: "Richie runs circuit classes within the local area, four times a week, he encourages everyone and is an amazing support to everyone that needs it. All age ranges are made welcome from young children to older adults. He manages to make every single circuit class different. Not only are they great exercise, but he also makes them fun. Richie deserves to carry the torch because he helps to keep a lot of people fit every week. Richie is ex RAF so is very strict on us all. However he doesn't get the recognition that he deserves and this would be a great way to show him how much we all appreciate how much time and effort he puts in. Richie is not only a great circuit leader but also a great person too,who is always willing to help out with whatever problem any of us may have."
Victoria Ganley Name: Victoria Ganley
Age: 26
From: Lincoln
Nomination Story: "In this last 18 months, My best Friend Vick, who was diagnosed with Crohns when she was 16, has been through way more than the average 25 year old should have. Ever since I have known her, (we met at uni) she has always been very open about her condition. It has always seemed to me that her life has been dominated by Crohns, and in 2009 i realised just how much, when Doctors advised her that she may need to look at giving up food. For 2 years my best friend stuck to an elemental medical diet, that consisted entirely of milkshake type drinks, as her body was longer being able to process food like everyone else, and when it did, it just left her in pain. During this time, Vicky succesffully completed the Great North Run, raising money for Crohns Charities in the process. When she completed this run, Vicky had not eaten solid food for over a year and a half. At the beginning of 2011, further tests revealed her condition has worsened, and her entire large intestine was becoming diseased, something that could increase her risk of bowel cancer dramatically. There was little time for decisions and Vick was taken to Leeds General for a 6hr operation to remove her entire intestinal organ. The recovery period is long and ongoing, but last week, me and her, went out and ate our first meal together for over 2 years. I want to nominate vick, because this year she has been told she cannot run the GNR because of her operation, and she was gutted."