A14: Upgrade 'Critical' For Peterborough

10 October 2013, 11:18 | Updated: 10 October 2013, 11:26

The Leader of Peterborough City Council says it is 'extremely important' that the A14 is upgraded as soon as possible.

Marco Cereste's remarks come after councillors discussed pledging £1.5 million of the authority's money towards the £1.5 billion total cost of the upgrade.

Members are yet to agree to the proposal though.

The Highways Agency plans to upgrade the A14 between Cambridge and Huntingdon.

There are plans for road tolls on a section of the A14, to help meet the cost of the project.

Subject to the necessary approvals, construction work is expected to begin in 2016, with the route due to be completed by 2020.

Despite the A14 not passing through the Peterborough City Council area, the A1(M) directly connects the road with the city.

Mr Cereste said: "The A14 is a critical transport route that not only supports existing Peterborough businesses but should also contribute to the city?s future growth and prosperity. 

It is, therefore, extremely important that it is upgraded as a matter of urgency for the benefit of all the residents along the route including those living in Peterborough. 

Government has made it very clear that this upgrade would not happen unless local contributions were made to the scheme. 

Currently the road is plagued by bottlenecks and congestion and that is why, subject to Full Council approval through our budget-setting process, I have pledged a total of £1.5m over 25 years towards the £1.5bn cost of the scheme. 

If agreed by members this would be funded from future Community Infrastructure Levy receipts, which is the new charge that councils can make on developers to support local and strategic amenities such as new or upgraded roads, a new park, school or other community facilities."