Bourne Murder Investigation

Police investigating the murder of 50 year old Alan Wood at his home in Lound near Bourne have released new information into his horrific murder last October.



Mr Wood had been subjected to "extreme levels of violence" and torture - possibly in order to get his pin numbers as his cards were used several times in Stamford.

He died after his throat was slit and the killers then continued to mutilate his body. There was also an attempt to remove his head.

Police say they do have a sample of some male DNA although this has not been matched to any records in the UK. Detective Superintendent Stuart Morrison has been telling Heart, "It is unusual for someone to carry out this level of attack and not have any previous convictions, so we are now checking the DNA database in 50 other countries. However I am keeping an open mind as to the nationality of the killer. I want everyone to be clear how horrific and shocking this crime is. This level of violence is unheard of in Lincolnshire and we want the public to get in touch if they know anything."

Police say they now have the following profile of the killer:

  • 5ft 9in to 5ft 11in tall
  • He seems to be dressed in a “smart casual” manner. From the CCTV images we have he appears to be wearing a distinctive striped scarf
  • Previously unreleased CCTV footage appears to show the offender smoking.
  • We believe he uses, or has used Delaine buses.
  • We believe he wears Converse trainers.
  • He has local knowledge – demonstrated by seemingly deliberate avoidance of the CCTV systems in Bourne and Stamford. Use of Delaine buses also increases the likelihood of being local or having local knowledge.
  • He has an unusual walk. Experts outside the force have analysed CCTV footage and come to the conclusion that that he limps due to his right leg being slightly longer than his left leg. The offender may or may not be aware of this condition.
  • The offender would have been injured after the crime as his blood was found at the scene. That injury could be to his hand.
  • Around the time of the crime the offender may have had a few hundred pounds more than normal.


Police have released the following CCTV images of a man they would like to speak to...


One of the men suspected of being involvedOne of the men suspected of being involved


Tribute by Alan's family:

"Alan Wood was known to his family and friends as a contented, laid back, easy going and gentle man who worked hard and enjoyed the simple things in life.

The 50-year-old was born in Gillingham but spent a large part of his life at his family home in Careby with his Parents, Jim, who passed away a in 1998 and Maureen Wood (74), who now lives in Stamford, along with his sisters, Janice, who also lives in Stamford and Sylvia, who lives in France.

When Alan left school he went to work with his father in the printing business and later got a job at Warners in Bourne.

He was made redundant from Warners and wanted a new direction in life. He decided to turn one of his hobbies and passions in life, gardening, into a career.

First he went to work at Rassells Nursery in Little Bytham and he later had a spell at Barnsdale Gardens. Eventually Alan set up his own garden maintenance business, Gardens TLC, which he continued till his death.

The 50-year-old also started working at Sainsburys in Bourne three years ago to supplement his income during the winter months.  He was extremely well liked there and he enjoyed the camaraderie of the night shift.

Alan was married to Joanne Wood (44) for 17 years and although they separated five years ago, they remained on good terms.

Mrs Wood, a legal executive who lives in Peterborough, said: “Even though we had separated, Alan would still come and look after my garden. He was the kind of man who would just do anything for anybody”.

Alan was a loving uncle to Janice’s children, Rebecca (20) and Fiona (17) and Sylvia’s children, Joe (18) and Paul (16). He thoroughly enjoyed taking his niece Rebecca to rock concerts, which she said he secretly enjoyed as much as she did.

Mr Wood’s social life centred around The Willoughby Arms in Little Bytham, where he could often be found sitting at the bar with a pint and a packet of peanuts, tapping away to himself and chatting to his friends. He especially enjoyed the live music and beer festivals and would often help out behind the bar.

Alan loved photography and took wedding pictures for some of his friends, although he preferred the “old fashion” cameras, to the latest digital technology. His other passion was motorbikes, his favourite being a black Triumph Speed Triple, which he had for several years.

Maureen Wood, Alan’s mother, said: “Alan was friendly, placid and wouldn’t hurt a fly. The brutal murder of this gentle man has devastated his family and friends. I cannot understand why anyone would want to hurt my son. The family and his friends are stunned and shocked.”

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