Bretton: Ecoli Scare Keeps Water Park Shut

25 August 2012, 08:10 | Updated: 25 August 2012, 08:23

Bretton Water Park remains closed today (Saturday) after the all-clear hasn't been given to the site.

A number of children fell ill - after using Bretton Water Park last month.

A city council representative said: "Although early indications were that the results of the water tests would be clear, the results that have come back on Friday show traces of ecoli in the water. As a result we regret to inform members of the public that Bretton Water Park will not re-open on Saturday as we had hoped.

It will now be necessary to carry out further examinations of the facility prior to further tests of the water so that we can be sure the park is safe to re-open. We realise this is a further delay, however public safety remains our top priority and we will only re-open the park when we can be sure it is safe to do so."


E.coli - or Escherichia coli - is a bacterium we already have in our guts and do a useful job of also producing Vitamin K2 in our bodies and prevent other harmful bacteria, pathogenic bacteria, from establishing themselves in the intestine.

Most E. coli strains pose no harm, except for "serotype O157:H7" which can cause food poisoning and can become life-threatening. Other strains can cause serious infection.

A healthy adult will usually make a full recovery within 7 days but the reason it's more risky for youngsters is that young children, elderly individuals and patients with weakened immune systems can develop potentially fatal kidney failure.