Cambridgeshire: Euro 2012 Domestic Abuse

7 June 2012, 12:11 | Updated: 7 June 2012, 12:27

Extra police with specialist training on dealing with domestic abuse will be on standby during the upcoming Euro 2012 football tournament.

Historically the number of domestic abuse cases in Cambridgeshire rises during big football tournaments.

During the 2010 World Cup, Cambridgeshire Police had 1,213 reports of domestic abuse.

That's compared to 1,015 in the four months before the World Cup, and 1,062 for the same four weeks in 2009.

Cambridgeshire Police has pledged to treat all reports of domestic abuse seriously and offer them support.

Detective Inspector Chris Balmer, from the force's Public Protection Department, said: "We know that domestic abuse can escalate during these events and that alcohol and other factors can play a part although they are not the sole cause.
Those people who use violent and abusive behaviour in their relationships may try to minimise, rationalise and excuse their actions but there is no excuse.
Victims do not need to tolerate the abuse or suffer in silence. 

We will take their reports seriously, work with them and take positive action."