Cambs Police Banned From £1m Playground

Waterlees Park is a no go area for officers after 8pm because the police chief thinks it's too dangerous.

Residents in Cambridgeshire have complained that drunks and other troublemakers hanging around in the area have made it off-limits for years.

But Inspector Andy Sullivan told councillors the 1-million pound park development in is a health and safety risk because there are no lights installed there.

David Wheeler, a town councillor, described the inspector’s stance as "potty".

He told Sky News: "The anti-social behaviour that's being talked about has been going on for many years.

"Policing is policing – it should be 24-7, wherever it is."

A police spokesman said: “The park area is effectively a building site which is fenced off and currently has its own security guard. During the evenings there is no lighting so the area is effectively pitch black."

“It is not a police officer's job to ensure the area is kept clear. However, if a crime is being committed or there is risk to life, officers would take appropriate action.”

Councillors have suggested the force invests in some torches.