Candle-lit Vigil Planned After EDL March

Eleven men were arrested in Peterborough during the march by the far right group the English Defence League on Saturday the 11th of December.

Two men were arrested for possession of an offensive weapon, two men on suspicion of assaulting police officers and two on suspicion of affray. A seventh man was arrested on breach of bail, but was later released.  Five were arrested at Peterborough railway station on suspicion of public order offences. 

Around 1000 members of the EDL who say they're against the 'Islamification of Britain' marched through the city - around 200 members of the Peterborough Trades Union Council staged a counter protest. No arrests were made at the Peterborough Trades Union Council demonstration site.

Around 1000 Police from 18 forces were in the city in a bid to keep the peace, they were supported by Police horses, a police helicopter and police dogs.

On Sunday the 12th of December a candle-lit vigil is planned for outside Peterborough Cathedral at 4.30pm for people to make a 'pledge of tolerence' after the marches yesterday.

Community groups, schools and religious leaders are expected to attend.

The Dean of Peterborough Charles Taylor wrote this on the Cathedral's website

'Finally, one positive outcome, surely unintended by the EDL, is that leaders of the diverse faith communities in Peterborough, have come together to work in partnership as never before. Last Sunday evening saw an unprecedented gathering of faith and community leaders at the Cathedral and Town Hall to sign a statement pledging ourselves to work together for the peace and harmony of this City. We encourage people to join us again on Sunday outside the main doors of the Cathedral for a brief vigil in celebration of the life and cohesion of our City.'