Drinking Ban For Peterborough Park

A Peterborough Park could become an alcohol free zone if plans by the council go through.

A consultation on the Woodston Recreation Ground just off Oundle Round is running till the 14th May.

The plans would mean police are given the power to arrest anyone in the area who continues to drink after being told to stop. They can also confiscate booze and arrest anyone who refuses to hand it over.

It comes after complaints from local residents. People using the park told Heart of abusive young people and one Mum complained about the dangers of broken glass to children and dogs.

The area is a popular hang out with basketball, football and skateboarding facilities, as well as a playground and open grassy areas.

Anyone wishing to comment on the plans need to do it in writing to Katy Softly, Community Safety Team Leader, Peterborough City Council, Bayard Place, Broadway, Peterborough, PE1 1HZ.

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