Drivers Dodge Fallen Trees In Cambridgeshire

12 September 2011, 12:35 | Updated: 12 September 2011, 16:15

More than a dozen roads across Greater Peterborough and Cambridgeshire have been closed because of strong winds today.

Cambridgeshire Police say they've have reports from across the county of country roads, city centre streets and slip-roads being shut following a sudden burst of strong winds across Cambridgeshire.

Dan Williams from The Met Office say they've been registering wind speeds of up to 25knots (30mph) in Cambridgeshire between 10am and midday with some gusts of up to 40mph - bringing the danger of more branches and trees coming down.

Mr Williams issued a warning to drivers to be aware of the weather conditions when driving through the rest of today and into this evening as the strong winds will continue - albeit easing into tomorrow.

Cambridgeshire Police said between 10am and midday the following roads were affected:

* Tree down across the A14 junction 27 slip road at Fenstanton, 11.51am

* Tree fallen back road, Chatteris to Primrose hill, partially blocked road

* Branch across Trumpington Road, 11.45am

* Reports of a tree across slip road from A428 onto A1 NBC. 11.44am

* Branch hanging over tree close to Holiday Inn at Thorpe Wood, 11.42

* Tree across road between Stretham and Lazy Otter, north carriageway, 11.37am

* Tree fallen on B1166 between Parson Drove and Murrow.

* Tree down at Brewers Lane, Wisbech, 11.20am. Brought down some phone lines

* Tree fallen at Owls Road, Ramsey, 11.11am

* Tree across road at Main Street, Stamford, 11am

* Tree down Main Road, Wansford, 11am

* Tree fallen at The Bank, Parson Drove, 10.48am

* Part of tree blocking inside lane of A47 at Castor - cleared at 11am

* Tree down between Elton and Alwalton (Old Oundle Road) 10.31am

* Tree across road between Yaxley and Hampton 10.26am

* Oundle Road, Orton Waterville, tree down 10.22am

* Tree down at Oilmills Road, Ramsey Mereside 10.08am

* Tree blocking A10 Stretham. Road cleared at 2.29pm

* Reports of a tree down across Bishop's Road, Peterborough 12.51pm