Fenland: Money Management Boost

22 August 2012, 15:52 | Updated: 22 August 2012, 16:10

A project set up to help social housing tenants in Fenland manage their money has been awarded a million pounds in lottery funding.

The scheme, which aims to prevent vulnerable people from falling into debt, features workshops on everything from eating cheaply to choosing the right energy tariff. 

The grant was awarded to the Roddons Housing association’s ‘Managing Your Money’ project, one of 37 projects getting funding across the country as part of a £30million scheme from the Big Lottery Fund.

The project aims to prevent some of the most vulnerable social housing tenants from falling into the debt trap.

It’s thought around 2,500 people in the Fenland area are set to benefit. 

North East Cambridgeshire MP, Steve Barclay, who has been working on attracting funding to the area, told Heart: “I am delighted that such a substantial grant has been made to support some of my most vulnerable constituents.  

This has been a long standing issue in North East Cambridgeshire and with the economic difficulties we’re facing, many families are experiencing a tough time.” 

The project will work to equip tenants with the skills to manage their household income and expenditure, with workshops on eating cheaply, choosing the right energy tariff and IT training.