Green Recycling Fashion Show

17 September 2011, 09:27 | Updated: 17 September 2011, 09:34

A fashion show with a difference hits the catwalk in Peterborough today - showing how £1.5bn is lost-out by charities because we chuck stuff away.

The "Wear it, Love it, Share it" fashion show, gives you the chance to bag a bargain and help out local charities at the same time. The event shows off fashion from bang on trend to quirky and classic second-hand outfits, all at value prices.

The latest in a series of events is taking place at the Queensgate Shopping Centre, Peterborough on Saturday (Sept 17) between 11am-3pm.

On average, each of us throws away £400 worth of clothes every year. Over half of all the clothes, shoes and accessories bought by women in the UK last year have never been worn.

63% of our clothing is dumped in landfill where it can rot to produce methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. Clothes manufacturing uses 10 times more energy than producing steel.

Making synthetic fabrics like polyester uses more energy than natural fabrics like cotton. The equivalent of a year’s carbon emissions from all the homes in Wales is produced by Britain throwing away its unworn clothes each year.

Climate change = 1,700kg of fossil fuel. 450g of waste in landfill. 4kg CO2 emissions