Helping victims of anti-social behaviour

14 April 2010, 16:28

The Safer Peterborough Partnership are setting up a new system to help victims of anti-social behaviour in Peterborough.

Manager Christine Graham is behind the project - the team, with a new Victim Support officer, will be looking at all complaints, however minor.

She says for the most vulnerable people even minor incidents can take on life changing importance:

"If somebody throws an egg at my front door, I would wipe it off, and maybe moan about it - it would inconvenience me, but that would be the end of it.

"But for some people, that could distress them so much, it could stop them going out of the house. That's our real concern - that people who are already isolated and vulnerable become even more vulnerable".

It follows the case of Fiona Pilkington, the Leicestershire woman who killed herself and her daughter after they were tormented for years by a gang of teenage yobs.

Christine says they will be looking out for the most 'high risk' victims:

"There are people who when you just look at the anti-social behaviour, it might not seem to present as a serious problem. But for them, the effects are disproportionate.

"It might be because of their age, they may have learning disabilities or mental health issues, or be caring for family members."

The Safer Peterborough Partnership team will also be putting people in touch with the police, landlords or social service, and helping people through the court system.

You can phone them for advice on anti-social behaviour on 01733 747474 or email them on

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